Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I Don't Pay Attention To Directions...

So this week I fail to look at our syllabus. Guess what? Our first blog assignment is different than usual! In my defense, I wasn't at the beginning of class, so I never heard the verbal reminder. Nevertheless, here I am with my second blog for the day! :D

convertible hybrids gas-guzzling convertibles
green energy nonrenewable resources
mp3s CDs
working out being lazy
college high school
Blackberry Post-Its
purified water tap water
doing homework at 3 AM doing homework on the weekend
traveling the world never leaving your state
confidence arrogance
party hardy study buddy
being an expert being a know-it-all

My lists outline what I find to be cool now, and what used to be cool, but isn't anymore. Trivial things
top the list because that is what a lot of people focus. Because superficial things grab the attention
of the masses, they can be deemed cool. What I notice is that we might be slowly becoming more self-
aware, but that doesn't mean we have stopped becoming superficial. Yes, actors and actresses are taking
a stand for something bigger than themselves, but why are they doing it? To become a humanitarian?
To be a better person? Or to gain more positive attention for what they do, but attention nonetheless?

I've notice that some things that were cool are still cool today; somehow they will be cool forever. Like
music. The cool means by which we enjoy the music of the day are changing, but the base of these means
has stayed the same. Music will always be cool, because it provides a creative outlet for people to express
emotion and others to connect. The current means are just making music more accessible. Where you
cannot fit a Walkman, you can now fit your Ipod. Other trends will always stay cool, like appearances.
The means be which we gain coolness through our appearances is changing, and will continue to change.
But our desire to appear hip and trendy has refused to disappear. Tanning is still in. Only now you can
spray on that beach-baked glow. Skin cancer is out. Cool-looking cars that are good for the environment
are in; cool-looking cars that destroy our environment are out. We still desire to look cool, we just change
the methods of doing so.


  1. I totally LOLed at "Walkmans."

    What on your list is hip now that won't be in a few years? Why make a list of things that is only going to change soon?

  2. I think spray tans and Blackberries will be off the hip list in a few years. As technology changes, so does the hip list. At least for me; I noticed that a lot of what I view as "hip" is new technology. I think it's just a fact that as things improve, the outdated pieces will fall onto the square list, and then into oblivion all together. in point. :)